Shakira attacks Pique again after Casio clock dart It was

Shakira attacks Piqué again after Casio clock dart: ‘It was a relief’

The history of Shakira and Piqué have a new chapter with cross messages and that they have become the talking point of their followers around the world. BZRP Music Session #53 continues to top playlists worldwide and the confrontation between the ex-partner only heats up.

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After Shakira’s song with bizarre rap, in which the singer attacked Gerard Piqué with several messages that were deadly for many of his followers, The ex-footballer had his chance to equalize.

He did it in a “streaming” of the Twitch platform, where he promotes the Kings League, a competition in which he challenges renowned “streamers” – people who broadcast live on various topics – and ex-soccer players to play.

Piqué wore a Casio watch between his darts and said, “Casio gave us these watches as a gift, by the way. We reached an agreement with Casio, the Kings League reached an agreement with Casio.”

This is about the part of the song where Shakira tells Piqué, alluding to Clara Chía, that she traded a Ferrari for a Twingo or a Rolex for a Casio.

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Piqué even said he would also have an agreement with Renault to make Twingo. “I have an agreement with Renault that I will drive a Twingo with the clown next to me on Sunday. Can’t I make personal arrangements and travel however I want? said.

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Shakira countered on social media

It was a catharsis and an outlet

With the song’s success amassing nearly 15 million views on Spotify and 90 million on YouTube, the Barranquilla native celebrated the reception and didn’t pass up the opportunity to throw new darts at Piqué.

“Which was a catharsis and a relief for me, I never thought that at 45 and in Spanish I would go straight to number one in the world”, Said Shakira.

The Colombian explained that the achievement belongs only to her but also to all the women she cited as her inspiration: “Women who defend what they feel and think and raise their hands when they disagree, even when others do raise eyebrows.”

And he reflected: “Not in the way society dictates to us, but in the way that comes to mind, which helps us to move forward for our children, our parents and for those who need us and hope in us.”

In another post, Shakira added that “When life throws you bitter lemons, you have no choice but to make lemonade.”

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