Shakira declared her love for Milan and Sasha with Acrostic

Shakira declared her love for Milan and Sasha with “Acrostic”.

The singer turned back to ballads and fell in love with her followers

Shakira premiered her new single Acrostic, a subject inspired by the love he feels for his children Milan and Sasha and in whose lyrics he embodied the message that despite his parents’ separation, he will always have love for the two little ones, who perhaps suffered most from the distance between the Colombian and him Gerard Pique.

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This new edition comes five months after its launch with Music Sessions #53 and its re-positioning at number one on the world’s most important music charts. On this occasion, the Colombian surprised with a return to her roots, as her followers on social networks so desperately wanted, with a ballad in which she broke down the names of her children to compose the lyrics.

The track comes as the Barranquilla woman faces a roughly four-month separation from her little ones after leaving Barcelona for good in Miami, Florida, and beginning a new phase in her life away from Miami Pique and Clara Chia. On the other hand, acrostic joins the other songs in which he took revenge for the infidelities of the Catalans, accompanied by Te Felicito Rauw Alejandro; Monotonia, with which he premiered ozuna Their split and TQG with their compatriot was barely confirmed Carol G

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Thus, the song will be the first after “Don’t wait up” to be released solo by Barranquillera, so it is expected that it will be part of the album that the artist was “supposedly” working on, which has taught the whole world has “Women don’t cry, women’s bill”.

‘Acrostic’ was available at May 11 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time in the United States, which is why it could be heard in Colombia from 7:00 p.m. due to the time difference.

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And it is that with this new part there are several theories surrounding the singer’s song, because although it was initially assumed that this would be a new “tiraera” for Gerard Pique, The video conveys an aspect that perhaps few knew about Shakira caring for and protecting her children embodied in the animated images of a bird that wants to protect its children in the nest.

It is also striking that the first stanza was composed from the name Milan, it looks like this:

MYou taught me that love isn’t cheating and that it doesn’t end when it’s real

YoI tried not to see myself crying, not to see my fragility, but

LThings aren’t always the way we want them to be

TO Sometimes we run but we don’t get there

NO.Never doubt that I’ll be here

In this part of the video you can see how the bird builds the nest so its chicks lack for nothing, which is reflected in the Colombian’s dedication to building a home in Barcelona with the luxurious villa she left behind Esplugas de Llobregat and the same goes for those currently living in Miami.

The letter continues and the name of Sasha, the youngest of the children, He was also part of the musical track:

SHe only broke one plate, not all the dishes, and although I don’t know how to turn the other cheek

TOLearning to forgive is wise, because only love comes from those lips

SWhen things are damaged they are not thrown away but repaired, problems faced and faced

HOh to laugh at life

TO Even if the wounds hurt

The video ends with the birth of the chicks and a mother who has given all her care despite the storms and bad times she has been through.