Shakira What hidden names can be found in her new

Shakira: What hidden names can be found in her new song “Acrostic” ?

Shakira, after her media break with Gerard Piqué, He managed to put this dark episode in his life behind him and focus on his musical career again.

After several songs dedicated to the former FC Barcelona football player, Shakira decided to release her latest song contains a special message addressed to two of the most important people in your life.

The name of this song is Acrostic, with which the Colombian singer unloadsUnderneath the letters, find words that result from combining the first letters of their sentences.

through this method, The names of the two people to whom Shakira dedicated this new hit have been revealed: Milan and Sasha, their two children.

Shakira tells you that “Learning to forgive is wise” and that “things that are damaged are not thrown away but repaired”.in reference to the new phase they are experiencing with their move to Miami.

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For his eldest son Milan, who according to the Catalan press is very close to his father Piqué, The Colombian interpreter composed her name from the following sentences:

MYou taught me that love isn’t cheating and that it doesn’t end when it’s real.

YoI tried not to see myself crying, not to see my fragility, but

LThings aren’t always as we imagine them to be.

TO Sometimes we run but we don’t get there.

NO.Never doubt that I’ll be here.

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Also Shakira he also dedicated an acrostic to Saschahis youngest son, and composed his name in five emotional phrases.

SHe only broke one plate, not all the dishes. And though I don’t know how to turn the other cheek.

TOIt is wise to turn to forgiveness because only love comes from those lips.

SWhen things are damaged they are not thrown away but repaired, problems faced and faced.

HOh to laugh at life

TO Even if the wounds hurt.