Shark attack in Sydney Harbor World

Shark attack in Sydney Harbor World

01/30/2024 04:35 (current 01/30/2024 04:35)

Accident near the opera

Accident near the opera ©APA/AFP

In Australia, a woman was attacked by a shark in Sydney Harbour. The predatory fish was likely a bull shark, news agency AAP reported on Tuesday, citing eyewitnesses and experts. The attack occurred on Monday at sunset near Elizabeth Bay, a well-known bay not far from the center with the opera house and Harbor Bridge.

The 29-year-old victim, who suffered serious injuries to his right leg, was swimming near a pier when the shark bit him, they said. Helpers who rushed to the scene later described the scene: “Lauren, the victim, climbed onto the side of the harbor and tried to get to safety,” said one resident. “Her leg was kind of hanging behind her – the water behind her was all red with blood.” The sight was terrible.

A veterinarian immediately administered first aid and applied special bandages to the woman to stop the bleeding. The veterinarian probably saved the lives of the injured, praised local Health Minister Ryan Park. The woman was then taken to a nearby hospital. Her condition was considered stable.

Shark attacks in Sydney Harbor are extremely rare. “Bull sharks are likely to come from Queensland waters to New South Wales and Sydney in the summer and autumn months in search of food,” said shark researcher Amy Smoothey, quoted by ABC. At dusk, animals often move to shallower waters. Authorities asked the population not to swim in the port for now.