She discovers she has a tumor and is pregnant the

She discovers she has a tumor and is pregnant the same day: the baby is born, she dies at 36

Elisabetta and Matteo met in 2015, both were invited to a mutual friend’s wedding. It was love at first sight and after exchanging phone numbers they started dating until they fell in love. Then, in 2018, marriage comes and her life goes on happily, she works as an architect and he as a warehouse worker in Pievesestina (Cesena).

Two years later, the news arrives that will change the life of the new couple: Elizabeth has one

breast cancer

. “The world fell on us – Matteo recalls – at the hospital in Forlì they prescribed some tests, including a pregnancy test, to make sure she wasn’t pregnant.”

On the same day, Elisabetta found out that she was expecting a baby and a few hours after receiving the two messages,

decides to have surgery to remove the tumor. In the third month of pregnancy Elisabetta starts chemotherapy and in the eighth month she gives birth to Cecilia

. After a year and five months, Elisabetta can no longer make it and Matteo, at 35, has to raise his daughter alone.

“I don’t want to tell all this to get pity or sympathy, just to tell those fighting the same war not to give up. Fight like Elisa. You can live happily even in an illness if you try every now and then to forget, feel good and do normal things,” confides Matteo, who now lives happily with his daughter.

“I will raise my daughter by telling her how special her mother was.”

Today, Matteo wants to be a role model for all those families who live his story with his story.