She is Mags the second most popular OnlyFans creator in

She is Mags, the second most popular OnlyFans creator in the world

OnlyFans It has been one of the most famous platforms for a few years, many people gave up their careers to start creating adult content but few are doing it very, very well. The case of Mags, originally from Texas, is a winning case. This Texas, USA born model is the second most popular on the site.

He says it’s not that important to him. Photo: Instagram.

This girl, 25 years old, He explained in an interview for the Daily Star newspaper that he is in this position because the OF algorithm counts the “likes” that his photos and videos accumulate as a whole, which is the only metric that cannot be hidden Recognition that doesn’t mean much “I appreciate that they boost my ego, but it’s not as important to me as it used to be,” he said.

doesn’t plan to retire

Mags got her start in the adult content industry when she was 18, but she says she’s proud to have lasted this long because normally “people in this industry can’t last that long because it chews you up and spits you out. .. AndIt’s very difficult emotionally.”

It is very popular all over the world. Photo: Instagram.

However, she wants to study law and mentioned that she is studying to become a lawyer, but her current job does not cause her any problems. “The biggest benefit of second place is that it gives you a lot of credibility… This job has a lot of downsides in public life, but people seem to respect you more when you can show them you’re at the top of your field,” he said.

Who tops them in the ranking?

Bryce Adams First up, with 1.3 million “likes”, she makes all sorts of content with her partner Jay, moreover she uses the platform like any social network because she uploads all kinds of content.

He has no plans to leave the top. Photo: Special.

“It’s fun to have this title, it’s a coveted title and I enjoy having it. I don’t expect to lose it… I’m proud of it because it directly correlates to the market saying, “We like what you do, we support you,” she said in a recent interview for the same media.


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