Sheynnis Palacios wears a jacket with a picture of Güegüense and the Nicaraguan legend in New York 100% News • Nicaragua

Almost two months after Sheynnis Palacios became the first Nicaraguan and Central American to win the Miss Universe 2023 pageant, she shined new York with a jacket with the image of Güegüense and the legend Nicaragua. The beautiful young woman shared her visit to an art gallery on social media and proudly posed in a Pinolero outfit.

Nicaraguan Sheynnis Palacios moved to the Big Apple last month to fulfill various work commitments and has shared pictures on her social networks of herself enjoying her new life as a resident of the city.

The beautiful young woman, who is celebrating the two-month anniversary of her coronation in El Salvador this week, is aware that her reign will only last a year. Therefore, he is already thinking about what he will do when he finishes his official duties. This was recently revealed in an interview with the Mexican agency Reforma.

Palacios said that he would continue to be in the spotlight as long as his reign lasted, but that once it was over he wanted to devote himself to telling stories through documentaries, series and films.

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“In Mexico I would like to work (in production) of soap operas and films, but behind the cameras and in Mexico there is world-class talent,” the 23-year-old Nicaraguan said in a virtual interview.

This sovereign believes that her stay in New York will allow her to discover and perfect her interest in working off camera. But for now, he has decided to enjoy the dream that the competition has made possible for him.

“It was a dream and I am more than happy. Everything was different. It makes me nostalgic for what I experience in my country, but this is unique,” ​​Palacios said after spending his first Christmas and New Year outside Nicaragua.

The beauty queen recalled that on her previous Christmases, she lit gunpowder in the usual old clothes doll to say goodbye to the old year. “We hug, my grandmother says the first prayer. “There is a lot of love in my family and I love that.”

The worthy representative of NicaraguaShe will frequently travel to Mexico, home of the next Miss Universe 2024. This allows her to be close to her local fans, entertainment personalities and international entertainment industry representatives.

Sheynnis Palacios is a mental health ambassador around the world. She believes it is a universal right that still does not receive the attention it deserves. However, there is progress. Palacios said she suffers from anxiety herself, but has learned to deal with it thanks to the help of specialists.