Shooting in a school in Iowa the killer was a

Shooting in a school in Iowa, the killer was a student: an 11 year old boy was killed

First shooting of the year in an American school, with a preliminary toll of at least one dead, an 11-year-old child, in addition to the murderer, and five injured.

The shooter was a 17-year-old from Perry High School, identified as Dylan Butler, who police said acted alone. The reasons that pushed him to do this are not yet known. Police are searching social media where the boy was apparently active.

Rumor has it that Butler had posted a photo on TikTok shortly before his deployment: the published photo showed him in what appeared to be a school toilet and the photo was accompanied by the message “Now we wait”.

Police found a “rudimentary” explosive device at the high school that was later defused.

The scene of the tragedy was a high school in Perry, a small town of 8,000 residents 37 miles from Des Moines, the capital of Iowa, the small rural state where the Republican primary begins Jan. 15 and where guns circulate fairly freely .

The perpetrator of the attack went into action at 7:37 a.m. local time, about 20 minutes before classes began on the first day of school after the Christmas holidays. “Fortunately there were only a few students and teachers in the building at the time, otherwise it could have ended worse,” emphasized the local sheriff Adam Infante, who in the first press conference of the day limited himself to saying that several people without specifying The reasons were the number and the conditions waiting to contact the family. The murderer's suicide was exposed by the media. The dynamics of the shooting are still unknown.

Witnesses said they heard several shots in the distance and ran to the soccer field or barricaded themselves in classrooms. Police arrived within seven minutes with a large deployment of vehicles and men. A helicopter was also used to transport the wounded.

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