Show of Confidence Legault receives 9861 endorsement

Show of Confidence: Legault receives 98.61% endorsement

François Legault receives 98.61% support for the confidence vote presented to him this weekend at the Avenir Québec (CAQ) Coalition’s annual meeting in Sherbrooke.

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“Okay, let’s check! Listen, my mom will be proud of me!” he declared as the voting results fell. “The pat on the back you’re giving me today feels good.”

“We sometimes make difficult decisions because yes, I’ve learned to say it,” laughed François Legault.

The last time the Head of CAQ was subjected to this exercise was in 2014 when he received 97.2% support.

Remember that the last CAQ meeting in 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic.

After the voting results were announced, François Legault gave a speech with nationalist accents, the foundations of his party.

In particular, he addresses the topics of economy and hydropower and recalls the successes of his CAQ.