Significant Improvements in Snow Removal in Quebec City

Significant improvements in snow removal in Quebec City –

After a strenuous snow clearing last weekend, the city of Quebec fared better as it responded to about eight inches of snowfall on Friday.

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The state capital’s snow clearance guidelines state that no snow may be loaded on Fridays and Saturdays.

In particular, this meant that visitors to Carnaval de Québec, or even spectators at last weekend’s Peewee tournament, experienced a difficult homecoming, for which the city issued a special apology.

This time, snow clearing began on Friday evening, to the delight of local residents.

People interviewed by TVA Nouvelles indicated that they were generally satisfied with this recent snow removal.

“It’s much better than last week,” says a passer-by. It’s clear and you can walk, so it’s very good.

However, residents and traders hope that this fluidity will be repeated in future snow clearing operations.

“They’re unlucky because there are often storms on Fridays and they clear the snow on Sundays instead of Saturdays,” adds Olive Cafe owner Sami Boudaya. You have to be a little understanding.”

“I hope it’s not just one time and that these situations don’t happen again,” says Pub Galway owner Yves Ledoux. We have other things to do to run after the city.

The snow clearing, which took place overnight from Friday to Saturday, is the first of a series that will take place in the coming days given the amount of snow in the Capitale-Nationale.

“Sunday we’re picking up everywhere, we’re going to clear the snow everywhere,” explains Marie-Pierre Raymond, the person in charge of maintaining Quebec City’s roads. We have at least four to five days of snow clearing work.”

The city estimates that the accumulations have come in on the order of 22 centimeters.