Simaria appears with her children and vents after blocking Simone

Simaria appears with her children and vents after blocking Simone

The singer Simaria appeared with her children and caused a sensation according to a report from her sister and exduo Simone

The singer Simariaformer duo of Simone, surprised by an outbreak. She appeared with her two children, 10yearold Giovanna and sevenyearold Pawel. The children are the result of the singer’s relationship with her exhusband, Vicente Escrig, of whom she was married for 14 years.

Simaria showed his two children during a trip he takes with them. And during this trip, the singer also took the opportunity to vent. The singer’s report comes days after her sister and former duo Simone Mendes revealed they have been blocked by her and are therefore out of touch.

Simone’s former partner initially responded to netizens who criticized her for the photos she posts on social networks. “I’m cleaning my room here, I’m traveling with my kids. And I’m impressed, it’s impressive how some women have become so preoccupied with my body that it becomes boring. Man, if you don’t want to see me like this… I’m impressed, because now I’m quiet in my own, even though it’s my name in people’s mouths all the time. I have a friend who told me I’m on the right track. If a few people knock wood on me, it’s because if I didn’t make a difference, nobody would talk about me,” she said.

After, Simaria responded to those who criticize her after hearing other people’s comments about her. “Well guys I think you need to have more empathy for others because you don’t know me personally. Every time people meet me they fall in love because they see how kind and generous I am, how much I listen to my fans. Anyone who knows me knows this generosity, especially me. The most important thing is that I know how special I am. People pretend they don’t do anything stupid look at your ceiling we all have flaws we make mistakes but we also have many qualities so before you throw stones at the person try to figure out who the person is, if I’m a wonderful mother, if I’m a good person with the people around me, then you’re like this: someone said bad things about me and “ah, because they said it was true” . I am ashamed of these attitudes, lack of empathy with the other,” concluded the singer.

Simaria shows the children during the journey

Reproduction on Instagram Simaria shows a moment with the children on a trip

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