Simon Gagne updates on a persistent rumor about Patrick Roy

Simon Gagné updates on a persistent rumor about Patrick Roy

Even with the QMJHL grand final between the Mooseheads and the Remparts looming, it’s Patrick Roy’s future that’s still drawing attention in Quebec.

During Thursday’s “La Poche Bleue le Midi” broadcast, Simon Gagné wanted to make it clear that his boss’ future was not a distraction in the team’s dressing room.

Check out the segment in question in the video above.

“We don’t talk about it. We’re really focused on what’s happening here with the remparts. We have a goal in mind and we haven’t reached it yet. The focus is really on the final.”

When asked about a rumor that Patrick Roy is set to lead the New York Rangers next year, the former Philadelphia Flyers say the situation will be resolved after the current season ends.

“We hear all the rumours, but will not comment. We will see those things in June.”

Later in the day, during an interview with Jean-Charles Lajoie, Gagné took up the matter again by making a vigorous request to his mentor.

“I’ve always said that Pat is an NHL coach. I have the opportunity to meet him every day and I can see how passionate he is. He is devoted. Sometimes I even think it’s exaggerated. I’ve had coaches in the NHL who haven’t even done half of what he does. I am confident that he has the ability to help an NHL team in the future.

The man, who wore the Remparts jersey as a player in the QMJHL, also added that fans will be fixated on his future once his team’s mission is complete.

“My decision will be announced once the season is over. I love my experience and I love what I’m doing right now. I’ll give my answer when it’s all over. It will stay that way until the end.”