Site management in Montreal Community stakeholders meet on March 30th

Site management in Montreal: Community stakeholders meet on March 30th

The increase in construction sites in Montreal, especially downtown, is forcing local stakeholders to meet on March 30th to find a better way to manage work in the city.

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One hundred real estate developers, contractors, experts, but also the Department of Transportation and the City of Montreal will hold a summit on construction sites that the Plante administration has been promising since this fall.

“We are aware that the current management of construction sites in Montreal can be more efficient,” confirmed Luc Rabouin, responsible for economic and commercial development, knowledge, innovation and design on the city’s executive committee.

Orange cones are almost an integral part of the Montreal landscape. Over a one-year period, 94% of downtown streets suffered total or partial closure, a study by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM) confirmed last month.

According to the report, more than a quarter of the orange cones identified downtown were also deemed unnecessary.

“The aim is to have stricter regulations and improve signage around construction sites, but above all to have concrete results,” said Mr Rabouin.

The President and CEO of the CCMM, Michel Leblanc, said he was satisfied with the holding of this summit.

“There are things that have to change. I believe in the summits when we’ve reached the point where people agree to change the culture,” he explained.

“After that there will be follow-up examinations […] then make sure it happens. This is the only way we can get out of the situation we are in,” added Mr. Leblanc, who assured that he would be present at this meeting.

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