1704320332 Slides and Kaleidoscopes Achievements for Winter Festivals in Quebec

Slides and Kaleidoscopes: Achievements for Winter Festivals in Quebec

The organizers of the Toboggan and Kaléidoscope Festival in Quebec are thrilled by the enthusiasm and quality of the shows on offer.

Around 150,000 festival visitors stormed the Grande Allée sector from December 28th to 31st to attend the events of the 13 guest artists as part of the Toboggan Festival.

“The festival goers responded in large numbers every evening […] The festival has now become part of the habits of the local population and its formula is a success for hotel partners, restaurateurs and tourists,” said Nicolas Racine, president and general manager of BLEUFEU, the company responsible for organizing the toboggan festival, in a press release .

Slides and Kaleidoscopes: Achievements for Winter Festivals in Quebec

Marcel Tremblay / QMI Agency

The last evening of 2023 was dominated by local talents such as Les Louanges, Mike Demero and the traditional music group Le Diable à Cinq.

Two festivals that complement each other

The initiator of the Kaléidoscope Festival, Mathieu Girard, was also very satisfied with the way the event went, which took place from December 27th to 31st in Old Quebec.

Despite the fact that the toboggan festival took place at the same time, Mr. Girard does not feel that the two events are in competition.

“We complement each other very much in our offerings, which brings great diversity and plurality to the public,” he says happily.

While it was the electronic music and spectacular visuals that caught the eye at Toboggan, it was the traditional music and dramatic arts that really shined at the Kaléidoscopes.

“The theater project in the booths of the German market was worth seeing, it was a very nice offer,” notes Mr. Girard. “On the traditional side, we cannot but highlight the great success of the Great Vigil of Chauffeurs à pied. »

This was the “real” first edition of the Kaléidoscope Festival, as the 2021 edition was hit by the pandemic and the 2022 edition by a storm.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved this year. The closeness between the artists and the festival visitors was extraordinary,” concludes Mr. Girard.