Slovakia is against Ukraine joining NATO

Slovakia is against Ukraine joining NATO

O Slovakia lean one Ukraine joins NATO and wants to veto it if necessary. Said that Prime Minister Robert Fico on Saturday on public radio RTVS in Bratislava.

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He will travel to Ukraine on Wednesday morning and will be in the border town of Uzhhorod. counterpart Denys Schmyhal announced the head of the left-wing national government.

“The basis for the Third World War”

He wanted Schmyhal to do it new humanitarian aid package but at the same time, bluntly explain Slovak positions that differ from Ukrainian desires. “I tell you that we will block and veto Ukraine’s accession to NATO because it would be nothing other than the basis for a third world war,” said Fico.

Roberto Fico


Ukraine's accession to the EU However, I support Slovakia if the country meets the same conditions as other candidate countries.

The head of government, criticized by his opponents as “pro-Russia”, once again stressed that Slovakia would stop supplying weapons from military stocks to the neighboring country attacked by Russia, but would continue to allow the sale of weapons from Slovak arms companies .

Military supplies

Slovakia was among those from the start of the Russian invasion until the change of government at the end of October Ukraine's most determined military supporters. Fico's new government continues to provide, for example, demining systems and diesel generators in the event of Russian attacks on power plants, but does not supply weapons.

After his visit to Uzhhorod, there will be no joint press conference with Shmyhal because the Ukrainian side does not want it. However, Fico said he suggested that both heads of government make statements to the press independently of each other.

Visit to Berlin

On the same Wednesday night, the head of the Slovak government was in Berlin German Chancellor Olaf Scholz received. The trip to Berlin was already scheduled for December, but had to be canceled due to the chancellor's Covid infection.