Small correction by Louis about Lucie: Don’t Forget The Lyrics Program of February 17, 2023 –

Louis entered the ranking of the top maestros of Don’t forget the lyrics. He continues his rise and never ceases to amaze his audience. However, the candidate is still as admiring as the previous candidates.

King Louis, nicknamed by Nagui, again signed two new wins on February 17, 2023, making a total of 34 wins for €183,000 in profits.

After years of revision, it is now part of music game history.
Nagui did not fail to note Louis’s fixation on a candidate of whom he is the cause of the Masters’ elimination through his own entry.

During his duel with Estelle, Louis wanted the 80s theme because it’s a lottery-like theme.

He interprets New York there with You of Telephone at the expense of the title Twenty Years of Pierre Bachelet.

The reasons for his choice are because it is Lucie’s opening song and he wants to pay homage to her with New York With You.

Nagui was surprised by this statement and, as usual, replied in a humorous tone, as if unaware of his entry with this song.

The moderator doesn’t fail to ask him whether he remembered much of this passage.
Louis states that he has followed the ex-maestra path well, which Nagui did not fail to add that Louis fixed Lucie when he overtook and brought out Masters!

Lucie was 29th overall and had won €157,000 in the game from August 25 to September 8, 2022 with 27 wins.