Snow and slippery conditions More than 500 flights canceled at

Snow and slippery conditions: More than 500 flights canceled at Frankfurt Airport

At the Frankfurt Airport Several flights will be canceled on Wednesday due to warnings of snow and slippery conditions. As a Fraport spokeswoman announced in the morning, 570 of the 1,047 planned flights had already been canceled in advance.

It's not yet clear if more will be added, as we first want to wait and see how the weather evolves.

What is recommended for affected passengers at Frankfurt Airport

Passengers are advised to check with the airlines in advance about their flights and not to go to the airport in case of cancellation.

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AUA itself wanted to fly to Munich and Frankfurt as scheduled on Wednesday – starting Tuesday at 5pm. However, adjustments to the climate situation in Germany cannot be ruled out, a spokesperson said in response to a request from the APA.