Social Media Facebook and Instagram Will Soon Be Paid for

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram Will Soon Be Paid for Having a Certified Account

After Twitter, it’s Méta’s turn to experiment with a subscription so subscribers can certify their account.

Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Meta (Facebook, Instagram), announced this Sunday that he intends to set up a paid subscription for his social networks.

The formula is largely inspired by that developed by Elon Musk for Twitter. It is about paying the sum of $11.99 per month for the web and $14.99 for applications on smartphones to authenticate their account. Users then receive a blue badge that certifies them.

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Mark Zuckerberg, in turn, is announcing a $11.99 per month subscription ($14.99 on app) to have a blue badge for a verified account on Facebook and Instagram.

—Benjamin Ferran (@benjaminferran) February 19, 2023

The package, which will first roll out in Australia and New Zealand this week, also includes additional protections against identity theft, Portal reports.

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The web giant is facing many difficulties and has had to make massive layoffs. This new subscription aims to make it possible to bring in money.