Sofia Vergara and Netflix are being sued by the family of the “Cocaine Godmother

Sao Paulo

Actress Sofia Vergara and Netflix are being sued by the family of Griselda Blanco, a Colombian drug trafficker who became known as the “godmother of cocaine” because of the series “Griselda”, scheduled to premiere on the platform on Wednesday (25).

According to TMZ, Griselda's children, as representatives of the estate, are claiming unauthorized use of the family's image and stories in the series. Netflix has not yet responded to the allegations.

One of them, Michael, claims to have given interviews about his mother between 2009 and 2022 to people who were interested in turning the stories into an audiovisual production now he is surprised to see the Netflix series that would have exploited this Information.

The son claims to have known about the platform's interest in the work, but the company refused to use this material from the interviews. Now he claims that the show was inspired by his jokes, but without any financial compensation.

Griselda's children argue that Netflix has effectively “stolen” their family's story and are calling for legal intervention to prevent its upcoming release.

Although the lawsuit does not specifically bar Griselda from public representation, the children claim that her images and interview materials were used without permission. They are demanding an injunction to prevent the show from being broadcast.

The case highlights the dispute over the unauthorized use of personal accounts for entertainment purposes, which led to a conflict between Griselda Blanco's family and the streaming giant.