Sofía Vergara broke the silence and commented on the controversial interview with journalist Pablo Motos: “Bad intention”

Sofía Vergara became one of the most famous Colombians on television in the world thanks to her obvious talent for playing different characters that adopted her movements, gestures and expressions. This career helped him achieve international success and led to new productions on streaming platforms.

The Barranquilla woman regained momentum in the artistic scene with the recent project in which she participated, in which she portrayed the famous and renowned Griselda Blanco, a Colombian drug trafficker. In this idea, he did not hesitate to add his Latin touch and return to the roots linked to his country, reflecting the talent that he carries in his blood.

Sofía Vergara promotes the series “Griselda” in Bogotá, Colombia. | Photo: Instagram: @sofiavergara

During the dialogue, Motos, on several occasions, made some notes to the artist about her accent when speaking in English and others about her age, which the 51-year-old actress fought back with grace and intelligence.

“How do you say “Modern Family”? “It just sounds a bit strange in English,” the journalist tells her when he hears the Colombian say the name of the famous comedy. Sofía answers the malicious question: “Why, am I pronouncing it wrong? Can you speak English better than me?” he said ironically.

And that wasn't all. Toti scolded Motos with several questions: “How many nominations do you have for the Emmys in the United States? And to the Golden Globes?”

This exchange of words was decisive for more than one to attack the Spanish journalist and not allow him to defend himself, considering the alleged intention with which he unleashed the taunts against the Latina. Although she apologized and revealed a “truth,” attention turned to the Colombian woman who broke the silence and spoke out.

Pablo Matos tried to “annoy” Sofía with several questions, but the Colombian did not shy away from answering harshly. | Photo: Taken from Instagram @elhormiguero

Sofía Vergara confessed the truth in an interview with Pablo Motos

As it turned out, his position was very different from what was believed, since everything was set and planned so that the conversation would reach a higher level. The woman from Barranquilla explained that she liked the Spaniard and that there was no problem.

They told me: to make it funny, mess with him and start, mmm… I have no problem with him, I adore him, I love his program, we were just making fun of each other“, he assured, adding: “There are many things that were true, but nothing was malicious, I love him very much.”

Sofia Vergara and Pablo Motos | Photo: Courtesy: El Hormiguero

This has helped quell any speculation and rumors about this “crossover.”