soon share a family

soon share a family

You'll soon be able to share your account logins and passwords with loved ones thanks to a new feature in Google Manager. A convenient option for accounts shared by multiple people.

We can't repeat it enough: to prevent your accounts from being hacked, it is imperative to use strong and unique passwords. A security measure that, however, remains somewhat complicated to comply with when you have to remember multiple passwords… This is where password managers come into play. These tools allow you to securely store and manage numerous passwords by locking everything with a single password, making everything easier to remember. Even if they're not as good as dedicated apps, password managers built into web browsers at least have the advantage of being quick and easy to use. This is the case of the Google Chrome password manager (Password Manager), which saves them with the Google account to which they are linked to enter them automatically as soon as you connect to a specific account (email, bank , administration, etc.). online shop etc.).

However, it happens that some accounts are shared among multiple users. This could be a family sharing a streaming service, relatives sharing a common email address for administrative matters, etc. But what do you do when you have a small memory lapse? Google is coming to the rescue of its head-in-the-air users by working on a new feature that will allow them to securely share a login ID and password with a family member. You no longer have to copy and paste this confidential information into a message in plain text! This feature, which has already been developed for Chrome on PC, will soon be available for Android devices as well.

Chrome Password Sharing: a feature for family groups

The first tests to integrate this feature began in the browser in June 2023. Last November, password sharing finally appeared in the Canary build – the beta version – of Chrome. However, it is not yet available to the general public. However, it should be available soon, including on the Android version of the browser. According to TheSpAndroid, Google Play Services version 24.09.12 actually contains flags that indicate the presence of a password sharing feature, even if it is not yet operational. However, Google only allows this for users whose Google accounts belong to the same family group.

soon share a family

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As a reminder, the Family Groups feature allows you to create a group to which you can add members of your immediate family who have a Google Account. This allows you to share with them the benefits of the products and services you subscribe to and use. With this new feature, it is possible to share passwords with family members via the password management application on your Android device. A new Share button will appear next to each registered account, and you can select the family member you want to share it with. When the recipient visits the website, they will then see a tooltip on their device informing them that they have access to the password. This should make things a lot easier! It remains to be seen how Google will handle this, as sharing passwords could pose security issues and expose users to potential risks.

To use the feature in the web version of Chrome, it is necessary to create a family group with all members in your Google account. To do this, you need to go to the Play Store settings, go to the “Family” section and then click “Create Family Library”. All you need to do is register, configure your payment method, and add your family members' Google accounts. Everyone must use the Canary version of Chrome. To enable the feature, type chrome://flags/#password-sharing in the address bar, then click Default and then Enabled. All that remains is to restart the web browser!