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Special Hunting File: Remember to prepare a replacement

Quebec’s hunting population is aging. The numbers don’t lie. To prepare for the next generation, Many organizations have set up activities and Packages that make learning easier for young people.

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A great example of this commitment to educating the next generation is that of Zec Jaro in Beauce.

“Every autumn since 2005, we have introduced 40 young people to hunting white-tailed deer as part of our Jeunesse Nature program,” explains Gilles Paquet, general director of the Société Beauceronne de gestion faunique, which manages the Zec’s activities. . Everything takes place over two weekends, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks, which provides them with a very important assistance by providing SEG permits.

“It’s about training and administrative approvals. This very valuable collaboration allows us to present these 40 young people every year in our area,” he explains.

These accreditations allow ZEC leaders to welcome these young people outside of hunting season once the industry season is officially over.

“The activities take place over two weekends. This year our activities will take place from December 3rd to 5th and 9th to 11th. This is exceptional due to the postponement of dates. Since the beginning of our program, we have introduced more than 500 young people to this big game hunt,” continues Gilles Paquet.


During these two weekends full of activities, many volunteers take part in the adventure.

“We want young people to have a comprehensive experience. Doing this on Friday evening is the theory. We explain the process, the hunting dates and more. Everything takes place in our lodge Le Refuge du Cerf, which turns into a real hunting camp for the weekend. »


On Friday evening, the young participants must complete an intensive theoretical class covering, among other things, everything related to the firearms safety program, supported by instructors recognized by the Quebec Federation of Hunters and Fishermen. Photo provided by Zec Jaro

There are two hunting times on Saturday, morning and afternoon. “The young people go to the area assigned to them in pairs, accompanied by an adult hunter who supervises them. We have five teams, each with four hunters and guides. You are always under the supervision of our volunteers who have only one goal: to help you discover this hunt and the best way to practice it,” explains Mr. Paquet.


Young people are happy that they managed to kill their first white-tailed deer as part of the Zec Jaro Youth Nature program. Photo provided by Zec Jaro

Everything is planned. “If a young person shoots a game, the alarm is immediately raised to see what happened. You need to know if the animal is affected and carry out appropriate examinations. When there is a harvest, the game is placed on the side of the road where it is recovered by members of the group, mentions Gilles Paquet. As soon as a shot is fired, everything stops. When there is a slaughter, we explain to them how to gut the animal, how to store the meat safely and how to make sure everything is OK. Due to the SEG authorization, they have the right to slaughter all parts of the population. »


Photo provided by Zec Jaro

Young people are also called upon to share their experiences.

“It gives me great pleasure to see how young people come back to us and tell us that they are now defeated and experienced hunters,” says the Director General happily.

These young people will be surrounded throughout the weekend by specialists from Buck Experts, hunting enthusiasts such as Gaétan Giguère, former president of the Zec, and Gilles Paquet, himself a specialist in the world of wildlife and with the Zec since 1983.


To be eligible to participate, youth must be between the ages of 12 and 17 and have a hunting license.

“Our program is aimed at the Quebec, Estrie and Chaudière-Appalaches regions. We send between 900 and 1,000 invitations every year to young people who have successfully completed their weapons training. It is the ministry that provides us with the list of names. Young people can register and enter the draw to win one of the 40 available places in our activity. »

This is a great example of an initiative to introduce young people to what is happening in the world of hunting. “It has to be said that we are lucky to have access to white-tailed deer in abundance in our sector,” says Gilles Paquet. This allows us to offer such an adventure and train future hunters in ideal conditions. »

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