1707145365 Speed ​​Skating World Championships Laurent Dubreuil delights his fans by

Speed ​​Skating World Championships: Laurent Dubreuil delights his fans by winning the silver medal

Laurent Dubreuil took advantage of his first home World Cup to climb to the second step of the podium in the 500m race in a crowded ice center on Saturday afternoon.

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Along with Japan's Wataru Morishige, who is in the penultimate pair at the top of the overall standings, Dubreuil got off to a good start and secured the silver medal with a time of 34 seconds and 59 seconds, a fifth consecutive medal including his victory in the four -Continents Championship.

“A home win would have been the perfect scenario, but I gave it my all and am proud of my performance,” said the 31-year-old Lévis skater. There's no shame in finishing less than a tenth of a second behind a rising legend who has won seven gold medals over the last two weekends. The gap is not big and I have a chance to beat him on Sunday and at the World Championships in Calgary in two weeks.”

Never seen it

Last weekend in Salt Lake City, American sensation Jordan Stolz became the first skater in history to win the 500m, 1000m and 1500m in the same World Cup. He repeated the feat in Quebec.

“Pride does with disturbing ease what no one has been able to do since the start of the World Championships,” said the Beijing Games 1000m silver medalist. “He is incredible and beautiful to watch.”

Stolz, who won the 1500m race just 50 minutes earlier and set a course record there, clocked 34.51 to secure his third victory in Quebec. He missed Dubreuil's course record of 34.37, set in October 2022.

Lap of honor and emotions

Before the start to stretch his legs and after the end of the race, Dubreuil took a victory lap to thank the fans in attendance. “The atmosphere was great, exactly what I dreamed of. I am happy to have shared my passion for my sport with people. I’m proud that I gave people emotions and they gave them to me in return.”

“I was more nervous than usual and will be more relaxed on Sunday and more focused on having fun chasing the Lévis skater. My realistic goal was to win a medal at home. No matter what happens on Sunday, my weekend is over.”

Speed ​​Skating World Championships: Laurent Dubreuil delights his fans by winning the silver medal


“Goose flesh”

Accustomed to special occasions, Dubreuil sensed something special in the minutes before his departure. “Before the race, when the audience was cheering, I had goosebumps,” he admitted. When I did a lap of honor and applauded the fans, that was also a special moment. It was important to give the audience a great experience. People came out in large numbers to support me and that means a lot to me. It was important to thank them before the race. I’m proud of my race and hope you are too.”

The cumulative ranking becomes narrower

Dubreuil's second place combined with Morishige's 8th place allowed the local pride to reduce the gap in the overall standings by 16 points. The Japanese now has the priority of 19 points with just one race on the calendar. Because of his four wins, Morishige will be ahead in the event of a draw. Dubreuil therefore needs 20 points more than his opponent.

Speed ​​Skating World Championships: Laurent Dubreuil delights his fans by winning the silver medal


“It's still a distant chance, but I never thought the title would be within reach at the last race after I started the season,” he admitted. I took 23 and 16 points in the last two races and could use one more weekend.”

“I would still like to be in the same pair as Wataru to put pressure on him,” Dubreuil continued. Maybe he doesn't sleep well because his lead has decreased. The same goes for me because of my son.”

Dubreuil assures that he will not lose sleep if he cannot overtake Morishige. “It would be incredible to win the overall title three years in a row, but finishing second would still be extraordinary and I would be very proud.”