Spotify retrospective with an error Users report app and website

Spotify retrospective with an error? Users report app and website errors

The Spotify 2023 retrospective shows an error and will not allow access to some users this Wednesday (29). The summary of the most played songs, artists and albums of the year does not appear for some people who try to use the service through the application for Android and iPhone (iOS) and in the browser link. The problem must be due to high traffic, as Wrapped was released to the streaming company’s entire customer base at virtually the same time. Below are more details about the issue.

1 of 1 Spotify Retrospective 2023 displays an error message for some users Photo: Reproduction/TechTudo Spotify Retrospective 2023 displays an error message for some users Photo: Reproduction/TechTudo

Downdetector, a website that monitors the operation of online services, showed a few Spotifyrelated complaints this morning, but the volume was low: 50 records around 10:42 a.m. Most of the complaints concerned errors in accessing the website and connecting to the server.

On Google Trends, a website that monitors searches conducted on the search engine, terms like “Spotify Retrospective not working,” “No healthy upstream,” “Error in Spotify Retrospective,” and “Spotify Retrospective not showing up” suddenly started to spike in the last hour.

On social media, several users shared that they are having trouble accessing Spotify’s usage summary. “This content is currently unavailable” and “An error occurred” are the most common error messages for those who do not have access to the retrospective. Below you will find some articles on this topic.

How to run the 2023 Spotify Retrospective?

When the service is stabilized, Spotify’s retrospective can be done via the mobile app or browser. Simply open the Spotify app and then tap the wrapped banner labeled “Your 2023 Retrospective.” Another alternative is to access the official resource link ( and tap the central button to launch Wrapped 2023.

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