Spotify Wrapped 2023: How to Watch Your Favorite Songs and Artists of the Year Radio Deejay

How was your music year in 2023? What have you listened to most often on the digital music platform? Have you explored new genres or stayed true to your favorite artists? Here’s where to find and see your Spotify Wrapped 2022 and how to share it on Instagram, WhatsApp and other social networks

Spotify Wrapped 2023: everything you need to know

Come back upstairs Spotify the most anticipated event of the year by listeners of the music streaming platform. After the success of the last edition, it is also possible this year from today, November 29th Discover your Wrapped Spotify with the number of viewers for the year.

On the Packed by Spotify 2023 Users of the platform can view the rankings of the most followed artists, songs, albums and podcasts for the year ending. In addition, thanks to the new features introduced in 2022, it will be possible to personalize the listening experience.

here you are how it works and how to watch Wrapped Spotify 2023.

What is Spotify Wrapped and how does it work?

Introduced in 2017, my Spotify Wrapped This is a function of the digital music platform that celebrates users’ listening data once a year between the end of November and the beginning of December. Thanks to this tool, lovers of the music streaming service can see the songs, artists, genres and podcasts that have been listened to the most in the last 12 months.

Spotify packed shows the most listened count and genres, the number of minutes spent listening to music on the platform, the most listened song of the year, the total number of songs listened, favorite songs, the most listened artist of the year, the most listened podcasts of the year.

All iOS and Android users can do this see Wrapped Spotify 2023Just make sure you have the latest version of the mobile application. Otherwise, just go to the App/Play store and search Spotify and click “Update”.

Spotify Wrapped 2023: the new features

Every year the music streaming platform adds new features to make the experience more and more unique. Between Spotify has rolled out new features for 2023 we find:

Me in 2023which shows which of the 12 possible “musical personalities” best represents your own way of listening to music.
– Messages from Your Artists, a section where you can receive video messages from your favorite artists, including Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, SZA, KAROL G, Jung Kook and many others.
2023 in musica collection of the best editorial playlists such as Top Songs Italia 2023 and Top Artists Italia 2023
– Merchandise for you, with merch from your favorite artists.
– Live events with concerts from your favorite artists.
– Create one Blend playlista personalized playlist with the filter “2023 packed top songs” to combine your most listened to songs and those of your friends into a single shared playlist.
– 2023 in the podcast.

How to watch Spotify Wrapped 2023

The requirement is that all users of Spotify may see your Wrapped 2023, the premium version of the application is not mandatory. What’s crucial, however, is that usage of the streaming platform has been massive throughout the year, otherwise that’s all you’ll see Spotify packed general 2023, with the most listened to songs of the year in Italy (or in the listening country).

But let’s get down to business and find out How to Watch Wrapped Spotify 2023: After logging into the app, the banner will automatically appear at the top right of the platform’s homepage Wrapped up. Clicking will open a second personalized home with all of the new features Spotify packs 2023: You’re wrapped up, Your Favorite Songs, News from Your Artists, 2023 in Music, Merchandise for You, Live Events, Create a Blend Playlist and 2023 in Podcasts. At the bottom a larger banner with the title Your packed year 2023shows the highlights of your listening sessions.

Now all you have to do is choose Your packed year 2023 Follow the whole year musically thanks to the carousel in Instagram Stories format with the songs, artists and podcasts that have served as the soundtrack to your life over the last 12 months. For Check your Spotify Wrapped 2023 Just press play on the banner. Your packed year 2023 on the screen Wrapped up and the carousel starts again.

We explain it below How to Share Spotify Wrapped 2023 on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

How to Share Spotify Wrapped 2023 on Instagram

Once you understand it How to watch Spotify Wrapped 2023all you have to do is share it with friends.

Here then, How to Share Spotify Wrapped 2023 on Instagram: After browsing the entire carousel of your listening data for the year, just wait for the words “Share this story,” click to save the image gallery, then click the “Publish” button and select , which social network you want to share it on – Instagram, Facebook, TikTok – and in what form – stories, feeds, private messages. Have fun while listening