Spy Balloons, Biden: "We will shoot down any flying object that threatens the United States"

To the question spy balloonsjoe biden announced he would issue orders to “shoot everyone down flying object this poses a risk for the United States”. “We do not yet know what the three objects shot down last week are, but at the moment there is nothing to indicate that they are linked to China,” underlined the President and recalled that “launching the spy balloon was a clear signal to China.” “We do not want a conflict with Beijing. I will continue to speak to President Xi,” Biden assured, repeating that he “would not apologize” for ordering the demolition.

The president said he has tasked his national security adviser to lead a government-wide effort to safely counter airborne objects. The United States will compile an improved inventory of unmanned aerial vehicles over the country’s airspace and ensure it is “accessible and up-to-date.” “These steps will result in a safer skies for our air travelers, our military, our scientists and also the people on the ground,” Biden said.

The US President, again referring to the three unidentified flying objects shot down in the skies of America and Canada, said that “at the moment there is nothing to indicate that they were connected to the Chinese surveillance balloon program or that they were surveillance vehicles from other villages “The current intelligence assessment is that these three were most likely balloons associated with private companies, recreational or research establishments studying the weather or conducting other scientific research,” he explained.