Star Wars and Gremlins actor dies aged 64

Star Wars and Gremlins actor dies aged 64

American actor Mark Dodson, who voiced several creatures in the Star Wars and Gremlins franchises, has died at the age of 64, TMZ reports.

According to Ciara, the late actor's daughter, he died in Evansville, Indiana, where he was attending a convention of horror film enthusiasts.

He apparently died in his sleep of a massive heart attack.

Although his face remained unknown to the general public, Mark Dodson appeared in several Hollywood blockbusters. In particular, he lent his voice to Salacious Crumb, the small laughing creature who appears alongside Jabba The Hutt in 1983's “Return of the Jedi.”

The following year, he voiced Mogwai in the film Gremlins.

We could then hear him in the second work of “Gremlins” as well as in other feature films in the “Star Wars” series. He also lent his voice to several zombies in George Romero's Day of the Living Dead.

We also recognized his voice in several video games, including some from the “Star Wars” series, but also “Ghostrunner” and “Star Trek Online”.

According to a statement from his agent, Mark Dodson “added his unique voice to every character and storyline he took part in.”