Storm Shadow cruise missiles Brits prepare Ukraine for new

Storm Shadow cruise missiles: Brits prepare Ukraine for new…

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Storm-Shadow (MBDA graphic advertisement)


High-tech British-French missiles with a range of over 250km are supposed to “restore proportions”, according to London. They take off from planes and can hit the entire Russian-occupied hinterland, including Crimea. In theory, even Moscow.

Britain is again in the process of significantly increasing the level of armaments in Ukraine’s war: Defense Minister Ben Wallace announced in Parliament on Thursday that cruise missiles of the “Storm Shadow” type would be delivered or that it had already happened.

As the videos show, the House of Commons was only sparsely occupied when Wallace showed up – but the announcement packs a punch: Storm Shadows, absolute high-tech weapons, have range (depending on variant) from 250 to over 500 kilometers, hit ultra -precisely, and can hit targets deep in the Russian countryside. Theoretically, even Moscow if the top variant is delivered, which is unknown and less likely in this case.

For comparison: American Himars rocket launchers in Ukrainian service fire up to 80 kilometers.