STRONG I S Beverly Hills 90210 actor suffers severe blows

STRONG I S: Beverly Hills 90210 actor suffers severe blows after colliding with motorcyclist

In social networks circulates the exact moment the actor Ian ZieringWhen the 59-year-old was beaten by a motorcycle gang in Los Angeles, California, the images went viral Internet and then he was the star of the series “Beverly Hills 90210” who made some statements.

The accident happened hours earlier New Year and for information on the portal TMZ everything happened on the street Hollywood Boulevard, Ziering, where he was approached by the attackers, so he had no choice but to face the beatings, then run away and seek shelter in a shopping center.

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The moment he received the attack. Screenshot TW/CollinRugg

Ian Ziering reveals details of his attack

In his official report at Instagram The actor made a statement about the events of that day. First, he said that it was an alarming incident that occurred while he was waiting to move forward in city traffic. He explained, among other things, that one of these pilots approached him aggressively. to his car and was the one who started the argument.

Following his statement, he added, among other things, that he had left automobile to assess the damage for you automobile, but everything turned into a physical altercation so he had to find shelter. Finally, he thanked everyone who was aware of his health condition.

He is a famous 59 year old actor. Screenshot IG/IanZiering

Who is Ian Ziering?

He is an actor known as the protagonist of the series “Beverly Hills 90210” The star played the role in the film, which was released in 1990 and is currently available to watch on platforms such as Amazon Prime Steve Sanderswhich earned him the affection of all fans of American production.