Strong opposition from the far right to a draft peace

Strong opposition from the far right to a draft peace plan that would provide for a Palestinian state

While Egypt, Qatar and the United States are still trying to reach a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Washington and its Arab allies are reportedly working on a broader peace plan. According to the American newspaper “Washington Post”, a project to establish a Palestinian state is currently being discussed.

Published on: February 15, 2024 – 1:30 p.m

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from our special envoy for Jerusalem,

This project has not yet been officially announced, but is already receiving strong reactions. Negotiators are trying to manage the emergency while laying the foundation for the long term. Their priority remains achieving a ceasefire, and if they succeed, they could put forward a plan to establish a Palestinian state.

According to the Washington Post, this plan would include the formation of an interim government in the Palestinian territories, the dissolution of a certain number of Israeli settlements and the recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of this Palestinian state.

A “dangerous” and “unthinkable” project, say members of the Israeli government

Measures that are unthinkable for several members of the Israeli government. Right-wing extremist ministers, Bezalel Smotrich And Itamar Ben Gvir, I have already rejected it. This plan “in reality means that the Palestinians deserve a reward for the terrible massacre they committed,” responded Bezalel Smotrich to X. “The creation of a Palestinian state is tantamount to the creation of a Hamas state,” commented Itamar Ben Gvir on the same social network.

Another MP, a member of Benny Gantz's more centrist party, who joined the war cabinet after October 7, also spoke of “a dangerous project that is taking shape”. “This plan will not only not resolve the conflict, but will also make it insoluble,” said Gideon Sa'ar.

For his part, the Prime Minister did not respond officially to these press reports. But Benjamin Netanyahu has already spoken out several times against the establishment of a Palestinian state. Last Sunday, he reiterated that Israel must maintain security control over the entire territory.

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