Student shot dead at high school in Iowa

01/04/2024 11:34 pm (current 01/04/2024 11:40 pm)

Just before classes start, on the first day after vacation ©APA/AFP

A 17-year-old gunman opened fire at a school in the small town of Perry, Iowa, killing a sixth-grader. Another four students and one adult were injured in the attack that occurred on Thursday morning (local time) and are hospitalized, the responsible police authority announced at a press conference. One victim is in critical but non-life-threatening condition.

According to initial findings, the perpetrator killed himself, he said. He carried a shotgun and a small-caliber pistol and had written several posts on social media at the time of the crime. Law enforcement worked to preserve this evidence. The investigation into the motive was ongoing. As classes had not yet started at the time of the crime, there were not many students in the building.

Firearms are readily available in the United States. Attacks on schools and universities occur repeatedly. Commenting on the incident in Iowa, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said, “Our students and teachers deserve to know that their schools are safe places where they can focus on learning.” The US Congress must finally pass stronger laws to prevent gun violence.