1676860364 Students awake Bursch hits teacher in the face

Students awake Bursch hits teacher in the face

A student at a secondary school in Pruntrut fell asleep during class. When the teacher wakes him up, the teenager hits him.

At Collège Stockmar, a secondary school in the small Jura town of Pruntrut, a student punched the teacher in the face, injuring him. The reason: the student would have slept during class and got angry when the teacher woke him up, as “Le Quotidien Jurassien” (QJ) reports.

The teacher fell from the force of the blow. The students in the affected class are said to be around 14 years old. The assailant fled the classroom after the attack, she said. The victim suffered an eye injury and multiple bruises.

Teachers call to action

Four days after the attack, teachers from Collège Stockmar, along with colleagues from Collège Thurmann, unfurled two banners reading “No to violence” and “Give us the means to act”. A teacher makes the canton responsible for QJ:

“He has to tell us who we have in our classes,” he said. In a press release, the faculty of Collège Stockmar also asked that “the cantonal authorities take measures to guarantee the safety and integrity of their employees”.

The teacher in question filed a complaint. According to police, the aggressive student already had a criminal record. The Collège Stockmar suspended him from classes. The cantonal education office is responsible for other sanctions, as the report continues.

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