“Suburraeterna”, a series about the greed of the powerful

Suburraeterna a series about the greed of the powerful

Rome 2011. Local politics and the Roman Curia are on the verge of a nervous breakdown triggered by street riots that show citizens’ fatigue with the mismanagement of the privileged chosen to exercise earthly and divine power. But if the city council and the Vatican are in crisis, the lumpenproletariat of the peripheral criminal clans could not be smaller. All of this is what the interesting series “Suburraeterna” is about in the eight chapters of the sequel to the acclaimed “Suburra”, which is shown on Netflix.

Created by Ezio Abbate and Fabrizio Bettelli, it shows what Lord Acton had already said in 1887: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The difference between corruption in the different social classes is that the maneuvers to eliminate the opponent in politics can be solved with the legal system; with blackmail and Machiavellianism in the Roman Curia and with weapons in the rags, but cruelty, will to power and greed are present in all, which has long been known for these payments.

Most of the action takes place in the Roman district of Ostia. There are criminal gangs for whom control of the drug trade is the reason for their existence and death, gangs that operate sporadically at the center whenever political forces demand it. The epicenter of the plot is related to the city’s urban planning: control of the construction project of a new stadium, a city ploy to divert the anger of citizens, will be the trigger for the struggle between the powerful. Nothing new under the sun.

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