Summary and review of The House of the Dragon

Summary and review of The House of the Dragon 1×07 "drift mark" ("drift mark") hobby consoles

The House of the Dragon continues the drama surrounding the Targaryen house and its gradual process of self-destruction. And the tone of the confrontation between blacks and greens is being raised.

The series Game of thrones prequel It has three premiere episodes ahead of it before it wraps up its first season, and manages to not only win the favor of the audience, but climb week after week with a crescendo in narrative tension that only increases.

That House of the Dragon Episode 1×07 was written by Kevin Liu and passed Miguel Sapochnik and it’s one of the most brutal we’ve seen in the development history of violence between the Velaryon and the Targaryens… even between the youngest members of their respective houses. Fasten your seat belts.


Teaser of Game of Thrones: The House of the Dragon, the new HBO Max series coming in 2022.

Summary of The House of Dragons 1×07

That Episode 1×07 of the house of the dragon start with him Funeral of Laena Velaryonthrowing his coffin into the sea and showing it Otto Hightower as the new Hand of the King after the fire of Harrenhal and the loss of Lyonel Strong.

Rhaenyra Targaryen asks her son for a kind word with the children of Daemon and Laena who have lost their mother, but a great animosity is brewing between them.

Aemond and Aegon talk about their sister Helaena. The second is convinced that he will marry her in the end, although he thinks she is a freak.

The House of the Dragon 1x07

Larys Strong, meanwhile, has completely cornered Alicent, knowing she “owes her a favor”. Christopher supports her. Rhaenys comforts the children while Rhaneyra and Daemon exchange knowing looks.

Laenor mourns the death of her sister and Viserys goes to speak to Daemon. She tells him that her daughters are a living portrait of their mother, something she remembers well, and that it is both comfort and torment. The gods can be cruel. Daemon tells him that they were particularly cruel to him.

Viserys Targaryen suggests returning to King’s Landing, but he considers Pentos his home and that of his children. She wants to give him a position at court, but he refuses, telling her he doesn’t need anything. Otto expresses his condolences to him as he leaves. Viserys also says goodbye.

Corlys and Rhaenys discuss the future of the Crown. She is aware that her grandchildren are not of her blood, but he says history will not know them by blood but by name.

Rhaenyra confesses to Daemon that she knows her marriage is a marriage of convenience, but that she has tried to keep up appearances and even perform marital duties, even if it wasn’t tasteful… She ended up finding what she needed elsewhere .

The House of the Dragon 1x07

She tells him that she felt abandoned by him and he blurts out that she is a girl. He asks if he loves his wife and assures him that he was lucky enough. It’s a bitter conversation, but it becomes clear that sparks are still between them and that she is no longer a child. They kiss and go to bed.

Meanwhile, Aemond goes to the dragons and manages to mount on Vhagar’s back. The creature shakes him and he threatens to fall several times, but in the end he manages to control him. The flight is bumpy, but one could say successful.

When he returns he claims to be his rider but Laena’s daughters become very angry as he was their mother’s dragon and a violent fight ensues between them, especially when Lucerys interferes and is blamed by Aemond, a strong one to be a bastard. He defends himself by slashing his face, leaving him blind in one eye. From now on it says One-Eyed Aemond.

Viserys is furious with the Royal Guard for allowing this to happen. Alicent punches Aegon for being drunk and not caring about the children, and when Rhaenyra returns it becomes clear that the thought is at the heart of the argument his succession to the throne has been called into question and that should be considered high treason.

The House of the Dragon 1x07

In addition to feeling offended, Alicent states that her son has lost an eye. To make matters worse, Laenor isn’t there and it’s assumed that Rhaenyra’s night walk wasn’t just for catching some air (she was staying with her uncle).

Viserys questions Aemond about who said such things to him. He points to Aegon, who in turn tells him that he is right under his nose: he only has to look at the children to realize that they aren’t Targaryens.

Viserys wants them to realize that they are family and must apologize for the kingdom. Alicent confronts him and tells him that it’s not enough that Aemond has been marked forever and that there is a debt to be paid: that he wants the same back in compensation.

Viserys tells her not to let her temper rule her, and Alicent orders Criston to bring him the Eye of a Velaryon. Viserys settles the issue, reminding that anyone who questions Rhaenyra’s parentage will be speechless.

The House of the Dragon 1x07

Alicent grabs Viserys’ dagger and lunges at Rhaenyra, berating her for not fulfilling her duties. Rhaenyra tells her that now everyone sees her for who she really is. Alicent wounds Rhaenyra with the dagger.. Aemond says that seems like a fair trade to him: he lost his eye, but he got his kite.

Otto goes to his daughter, who realizes that he has lost his composure and has fallen from grace. But her father surprises her: he tells her that he’s never seen that side of her and that he’s kind of proud because now he sees that in the dirty game they’ve had to play, he has the determination to win.

He asks her to forgive herself and repent before her husband that she will worry about her existence in the future. Rhaenyra has the wound on her arm stitched up and is told it will have a scar. The boy’s nose was broken. Finally Laenor appears and apologizes for the absence. He feels remorse for not being able to save or defend his sister.

The House of the Dragon 1x07

Rhaenyra tells him that Aemond called her sons bastards, ruining their secret pact. He tells her that his marriage has failed and that although he loves his children dearly, he is not up to the task. You know you deserve a husband.

Viserys and Alicent return to King’s Landing with a serious crisis: he doesn’t even want to hear them talk. Already on the ship, Larys Strong returns to the fight while Alicent tells her that justice has been perverted. He hints that he can level the scales if he wants to. She declines but appreciates the support during difficult times and that she appreciates your skills and discretion.

Rhaenyra tells Daemon that she needs him to fight off the Greens. She asks him to be her husband and prince consort so that his access to the throne will not be easily altered.. In his words, the Velaryon belong to the sea, but they belong to the fire and have always been made to burn together. Daemon tells her they cannot marry unless Laenor bites and she says she knows.

The House of the Dragon 1x07

It’s an invitation to get rid of her husband, which she apparently hires someone to do. Laenor and this man duel and his corpse is burned in the fires of Driftmark Castle: they recover a corpse to the despair of Rhaenys and Corlys, who thereby lose their remaining son… Or not, for it is all a ruse.

Rhaenyra and Daemon marry according to the Rite of Blood. Laenor is still alive as she was part of the charade so she could escape and live her life. With his head shaved, he sets sail in the middle of the night to do what he wants: to return to the sea.

When Alicent claimed the Talion law and got very messed up

Due to the growth spurt of the main characters, the series seems over the house of the dragon has grown in every way: there are still digital effects that are too visible, but the conflicts that have been brewing slowly explode with you great violence in an episode marked by the struggle between the children… and then between the adults.

In short, everyone is losing their temper, and that’s in front of a king who doesn’t yet know how to assert himself. Daemon told Viserys that he was a weak monarch and that he was right.

The House of the Dragon 1x07

One of the highlights of this episode 1×07 was the Aemond’s flight on the back of Vhagar, the largest and oldest dragon of Targaryen house. Daring to claim the dragon during Laena Velaryon’s funeral, the young man raises the question of who the father of Rhaenyra’s children is, which also serves as a spark for the confrontation between Jacaerys and Lucerys.

Pay attention, because besides everything that happened means to the main characters, there are others who continue to gain importance in the background, like the disturbing Larys Strong.

All in all, it’s one of the best episodes we’ve seen so far, and far surpasses the previous ones when it comes to dramatic tension and believability. And the surprising ending is a bold card game by the author.