Summer party Davi and Beatriz are the favorites at BBB

Summer party: Davi and Beatriz are the favorites at BBB 24, says the public

In addition to the Bahian, Beatriz was the one who was on the podium the most after Splash. “We see the sincerity in her, the will to win and to live, which is very beautiful and pure,” Lívia Menezes added.

Deniziane also remained in public memory. “She is very authentic,” said Pedro Fischer, 35, who named the girl from Minas Gerais the winner of the edition. Davi and Beatriz complete the podium.

There are people who think that the prize could go to one of the members of Camarote. “MC Bin Laden has an incredible trajectory. He delivers a lot. Pure friendliness. I think he will take first place,” said Jéssica Odessa, 33. Beatriz and Lucas Luigi completed the podium in Recife.

Picture Image: Wesley Neto/UOL

*Reporter traveled to Salvador at the invitation of the organization of the 2024 Summer Festival