1672740021 Sunday In Mara Venier freezes Paolo Fox quotThey are marriedquot

Sunday In Mara Venier freezes Paolo Fox: "They are married?"

Sunday In Mara Venier freezes Paolo Fox quotThey are marriedquot

Francesco Fredella January 3, 2023

Embarrassments and gaffes on the one hand. And on the other hand on Domenica In, Mara Venier pushes Paolo Fuchs. As at the beginning of every year, the most famous TV astrologer spoke about the horoscope with an overview of all the signs of the zodiac. At one point Venier, the absolute queen of television, examines Fox’s love and sentimental situation. Who is always very discreet and doesn’t like to show off what he’s doing away from the TV.

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Fox talks about the sign of Capricorn and argues that 2023 will be the right year to get married. At that moment, Venier asks: “You’re married?”. Frost in the studio. Very cold shower. Perhaps a little embarrassed, he replies: “No, still nothing. No one takes me away because they say: ‘He already knows the future, it’s useless, we don’t want it’. But Aunt Mara says again without too many words: ‘But haven’t you ever been there to get married? ?” Eventually he replies, “No, I’m Aquarius, and Aquarius technically doesn’t marry. Is your husband Aquarius? And it shows he’s reconsidering after a while. Let’s see if he reconsiders would you be my witness“. Without too many expectations, the moderator answers: “No, I will marry you”.

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Then Fox takes the ball and shoots: “Is there something for me? Oh god make me this prediction because everyone asks me for my horoscope but I need to know something about myself.” At this point Venier adds: “I have a very strong sensitivity, it has happened to other people. the I have a feeling something is about to happen. I’ll give you a maximum of five, six months. Fast. Not getting married, but that there will be a person in your life who will genuinely make you think about starting a family.” At this point, Fox hints at a smile. Then you go back to the horoscope. But that’s how we unbuttoned it never seen him before, something has obviously changed in 2023.

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