1707784765 Super Bowl 60000 Quebec lights illuminated the halftime show

Super Bowl: 60,000 Quebec lights illuminated the halftime show

A Quebec SME stood out during the Super Bowl halftime show with Usher last night thanks to its 60,000 LED lights strung across Allegiant Stadium crowds and stage performers.

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PixMob has gained global visibility for the fifth year in a row. His first collaboration with the NFL dates back to 2014.

“It's a great source of pride, but we don't take anything for granted,” explains Frédéric Galliot, vice president of development. We always do our best to exceed your expectations.”

It must be understood that the Montreal company does not have a long-term agreement with the NFL. It's one year at a time.

“Our relationship with the NFL is beneficial because it is based on listening and respect,” Mr. Galliot added. We are able to respond to your wishes and needs.

“We have built a good level of trust between us. We are agile enough to find a solution that satisfies you.

“We are always on the lookout to find new ways. Every time it's different. The needs change depending on the artists who are there.”

Super Bowl 60000 Quebec lights illuminated the halftime show

PixMob is proud to continue to be associated with the Super Bowl halftime show. In the photo we find Nicolas Coallier (programmer), Frédéric Galliot (Vice President Development) and Pauline Rosen (Vice President Marketing). Photo agency QMI, Mario Beauregard

Monk's work

The NFL contacted the Montreal company, which employs around 100 people, in November. A month later he arrived with lighting plans for the Super Bowl.

On January 21st, PixMob arrived in Las Vegas to prepare its installations. Subsequently, all coordination of the show fell into the hands of the lead Super Bowl programmer, who followed the creative committee's instructions. A monk's work.

“We were able to bathe the crowd in light,” says Mr. Guillot. The audience became an integral part of the show.”

“When the show starts, we stop watching the game. “We look at the stands,” says Pauline Rosen, vice president of marketing. We can enjoy the moment and communicate live together on our company’s chat page.”

After the show, PixMob had a local team collect the LED lights, which were housed in a plastic receiver. People could keep the string as a souvenir. The aim is to be able to reuse the product for as long as possible.

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A list of famous clients

In recent years, PixMob has built a good reputation worldwide. Last week, his artisans made a splash at the NHL All-Star Game.

Next week they will light up the NBA in Indianapolis. And that's not to mention agreements with multiple teams from North America's four major sports.

They have also been linked to tours by musicians such as Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Metallica, Imagine Dragons and Tiësto.

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