Super Bowl LVIII This fascinated internet users

Super Bowl LVIII: This fascinated internet users

The Super Bowl is an opportunity for football fans and newcomers to come together. According to data collected by Google during Sunday's game, many people were curious to know more about this sports discipline.

According to information emailed to the QMI agency by the Hill & Knowlton firm, searches for “dummies” on Google in the United States were most popular after an hour of game time between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers : “Understanding Football for Dummies.”

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The top three searches for the “What is… in football” category during the duel were: “What is offside in football?”, “What is a tight end in football?” and “What is safety in football?” “

Speaking of tight ends: The most sought-after player since the start of the playoffs and also during Super Bowl LVIII was Travis Kelce.

Singer Taylor Swift's lover beat quarterback Patrick Mahomes in both categories.

The famous advertisements were also popular. Globally, the Super Bowl ads posted on the YouTube platform were viewed no less than 90 million times on the day of the game.

“Every year, Google looks forward to analyzing the top trending topics in Google Search. Our data shows that this edition attracted many new viewers. […] “Whether you watched the big game because you're a football fan, to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift or to see the best commercials of the year, this year's Super Bowl was definitely one to remember,” said Frank Galvani, Manager Senior Accounts at Google Canada.

“And in the days that follow, we can expect Canadians to go to YouTube to re-watch their favorite commercials or game highlights and relive that unforgettable evening.”

The halftime show brings with it some questions

The Super Bowl halftime show is always a very popular event and Usher's performance was no exception. A few moments before the game started, the most popular “football” search was “How long is halftime in American football?”

The singer's clothing also caused a stir on the Internet. Many Google users asked the following question: “Why does Usher wear gloves?”

It seems that working with Alicia Keys has inspired more than one person. The singer joined Usher and they performed two songs, “My Boo” and “If I Ain't Got You.” The 43-year-old singer began her performance sitting in front of a magnificent piano. This impacted searches for “adult piano lessons near me,” which increased by more than 250% during the halftime show.

The term “roller skates” grew by more than 1,850% when Usher was on stage. Fun fact, the search “roller skates vs. rollerblades” [patins à roulettes contre patins à roues alignées] rose sharply during and after the singer's performance.