1705300593 Support network Isis Valverde takes care of Wanessa Camargo39s children

Support network: Isis Valverde takes care of Wanessa Camargo's children who are imprisoned in “BBB 24”. Photos! Pure people

Isis Valverde is Wanessa Camargo's support network while the artist is restricted to “BBB 24.” This Sunday (14), the actress was seen strolling through a luxury shopping center in Rio de Janeiro, accompanied by her son Rael, her fiancé Marcus Buaiz and the businessman's two children with Wanessa, to whom she was married for 17 years.

João Francisco, 9 years old, and José Marcus, 12 years old, showed great harmony with Rael, 5 years old, despite the age difference. Together, they shared a bucket of popcorn and walked the aisles of the mall, even showing patience while waiting for the artist to shop.

Wanessa quotes Marcus Buaiz on the reality show

Wanessa, who is currently dating Dado Dolabella and has settled well with her exhusband Marcus Buaiz, ​​opened up about her old relationship with the businessman as soon as she joined BBB 24. The singer revealed that she had already been invited to take part in the show, but decided to decline due to her ex's reaction.

“When I was invited, it was me [casada]. Then I didn't go because of the kids, my exhusband, everyone else, my mother…” she said. And she revealed that her eldest son now gave her the strength to enter reality.” He replied: Go, Mom! And I said, “But what's changed?” Then he said, “Now you don't have a daddy to separate from,” he said.

Wanessa and Dado Dolabella's relationship is controversial in “BBB 24”.

And even if the situation between Wanessa and Marcus Buaiz was resolved after the separation, the artist's relationship with Dado Dolabella continues to be a topic of conversation. Commenting on Wanessa's age for the show, Luana Piovani, who accused Dado of aggression when they were still together, said:

“She's there with the shadow of a criminal at her side who, because he's in love, is also a criminal taking part in Big Brother. What does that mean? It could be that people, as they are very easily deceived, think that everything is beautiful and wonderful. Now if you think it's okay to be in a relationship with a man who has already assaulted four women, then congratulations, it's your choice. But here too, the whole of Brazil ridiculing a criminal is our problem,” he mused to Luana.