Susana Vieira criticizes the dynamics of BBB 24 and is

Susana Vieira criticizes the dynamics of BBB 24 and is sung by Tadeu Schmidt TV

Susana Vieira abused her sincerity when she criticized BBB 24's dynamics during the first MesaCast BBB. The actress, who took part in the show along with exBBB Kaysar Dadour, said that the explanations of the game were very complicated. She also took the opportunity to make fun of Tadeu Schmidt. “He’s a piece of cake,” he said.

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The veteran joined the presenters Thamirys Borsan and Mari Gonzalez this Monday (8). “[Eles] They put a lot of stuff in it. Come and speak [uma coisa]someone else comes and speaks [outra]. By the way, what is the name of the boy you are introducing? “He’s a loaf of bread,” she said, referring to Schmidt.

“Bread is such an old thing. Tadeu, I come from your time.” [risos]. I got him a loaf of bread. “Ah, talking about bread is so similar to my generation,” joked 81yearold Susana.

Then the interpreter who recently participated in the first chapters of Terra e Paixão complained about the new rules of the Globo reality show:

It looks like a calculation! The public must get a machine [de calcular]. When it starts, the game itself will appear. It is more interesting for us as a public to look at the program and see that a glass house will be created. I think it's better than explaining.

“Those who explain a lot seem to apologize. They justify themselves.” [o tempo todo”, acrescentou Susana, que foi apoiada por Mari. “Sabe aquele meme da Nazará [vilã de Senhora do Destino]? I get lost just doing calculations,” the expanic added.