1708761089 Susana Zabaleta and her defense of free love without labels

Susana Zabaleta and her defense of free love without labels

Susana Zabaleta.  (Photo by Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

Susana Zabaleta. (Photo by Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

The infatuation happened during the show “Divina Comida” in 2023, in which Susana Zabaleta and the two presenters of “La Cotorrisa”, José Luis Slobotzky and Ricardo Pérez, with whom they had great chemistry, played the main roles.

Since the episode aired, many people began to speculate whether something had happened between Susana and Ricardo, as the jokes, looks, and even direct invitations made during the reality show were very obvious.

These rumors were soon “confirmed” when Zabaleta was invited to Slobotzky and Pérez's YouTube show, where the 59-year-old actress shared that Pérez traveled to northern Mexico with her and her family to attend a wedding.

From walks to bike rides, Zabaleta made it very clear that the 29-year-old was already part of the family dynamic. It is more! Her son Matías is the happiest that Ricardo is with her because he is a big fan of “La cotorrisa” and can show it to his friends. He even kept one of Ricardo's jackets!

Although neither has given the title “friends,” it is more than obvious that the actress and the comedian are making waves, something Zabaleta confirmed this week at the 200 performances of the play “Anastasia.”

“I just enjoy it, but that kind of 'Oh, it's the boyfriend, I don't know what'… we have an incredible time, and I think when you bring appearances into a relationship, that's what a lot of people do perhaps viewed as “Ah…what the hell do you care?”, said the voice of Princess Pocahontas on the “Today” show.

And yes, love knows no age. If not, let Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, who have been married for 23 years, or George and Amal Clooney say it.

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Although it is becoming increasingly common for mature women to break free from society's prejudices and expectations, they continue to suffer public criticism and ridicule when they choose a much younger partner.

In the case of Susana and Ricardo, they decided to be together for a while, get to know each other, play, travel and have someone to connect with.

“What are we?”

The new generations have opened the doors to new perspectives on relationships, love and sexuality. Terms such as “polyamory,” “asexual,” “bondage,” and “situationship” have become popular among young people to explain their romantic situations. To illustrate: Susana and Ricardo live a situation; They go out, they do couple things, but they don't make their relationship official or at least don't use the title of boyfriend/girlfriend. Another detail to note is that none of the celebrities have shared joint photos on social networks.

The world of love has definitely opened up, but it has also become more complicated with harmful practices like “ghosting” or “breadcruming” (receiving crumbs from a person).

Back to Zabaleta and Pérez: there is nothing left but to admire how such a talented, intelligent, funny and beautiful woman lives her life openly and without fear of what people will say, especially the conservative society in which she grew up.

As for Pérez, he was named one of Mexico's leaders in 2023 and has a successful YouTube and Spotify show. He's funny, charismatic and has a promising future in Latin comedy.

As psychologist Elena Touroni rightly states: “We live in a time of greater freedom and flexibility, so I would like to believe that over time we will be significantly less critical of other people's relationship decisions, whether due to age differences or not other reasons.” .

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