Suzanna Freitas dresses up as Kelly Key and the resemblance

Suzanna Freitas dresses up as Kelly Key and the resemblance to her mother impresses fans Vogue Brasil

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Suzanna Freitas and Kelly Key Reproduction/Instagram

On Saturday evening (20), Suzanna Freitas enchanted her more than one million followers on Instagram when she appeared dressed exactly like her mother Kelly Key. In a pink beret, 23yearold Suzanna left Internet users and fans of the singer in stitches. 40, marveled at the similarity between the two.

“This is the sign you need to throw a 2000s party with your friends,” Suzanna wrote in the post's caption.

2 of 2 Suzanna Freitas Photo: Reproduction/Instagram Suzanna Freitas Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In the comments, friends and followers were full of praise for Kelly Keys and Latino's firstborn. “Boy, this girl was only made by Kelly Key,” one netizen joked. “Now I really have doubts about who is who,” said another. “The daughter looks more like Kelly Key than Kelly Key herself,” a third added.

It's not the first time that the resemblance between mother and daughter has impressed the Internet. A follower once asked Suzanna, “What's it like to be physically identical to your mother?” Do you feel comfortable or do you want to have individuality?” And she replied: “Guys, it's very funny because I can't see the similarity that you see. I think the mannerisms, the voice and in some photos we look really similar.”

“The voice is something very strange. Sometimes I hear my own voice and think, 'Wow, my voice sounds like my mother's.' That's a scary thing for me, but I'm super comfortable with it.” “It's nothing that bothers me, I think our individuality is far from just a matter of physical comparison. I really don’t care,” he added.


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