Suzuki and Caufield join Luc Gelinas39 column

Suzuki and Caufield join Luc Gélinas' column

Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield have a great relationship.

The two young Canadian players have admitted it a few times: When they're abroad, they often hang out together.

They eat together, they do activities together… They really seem like brothers from the same family, they are so close.

The Canadian is currently in Nashville for tomorrow's game against the Predators.

Luc Gélinas, who is there, set the table for the game today in a column at 5 à 7 (RDS)… And at the end of his intervention, let's say, there are two familiar faces who appeared as whether they were strangers.

You will obviously understand that this is about Caufield and Suzuki:

Luc Gélinas pretended to show the show's hosts (Frédéric Plante and Yanick Bouchard) the view because he had “bad hearing,” and then we saw Caufield and Suzuki walking the streets of Nashville.

I don't know if this was originally planned…

But let's just say that if that wasn't the case, the timing would be really weird. At least it was a great moment on television.

In a more serious tone, Luc Gélinas also spoke about Juraj Slafkovsky's health during his speech.

Slaf was seen limping after Saturday's game and was not at team training this morning…

But the RDS journalist reassured everyone by saying that he saw the young man walking comfortably today.

He should be in training tomorrow evening:


– Good…

– Be continued.

– Apparently.

– Big contract for Kelly Olynyk with the Raptors.