1676328388 Syria a child saved thanks to the sacrifice of her

Syria, a child saved thanks to the sacrifice of her little sister: she protected her with her arms and then died

Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

A little girl was pulled from the rubble of a house in Jandiris, north of Aleppo: her little sister, who protected her with her arms, saved her and then died.

Syria a child saved thanks to the sacrifice of her

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Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

In the tragedy of Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria The spark of hope comes from Jandiris, north of Aleppo, a Syrian city already devastated by 12 years of civil war before last Monday’s earthquake. They are a poignant story to tell White Helmets who pulled a little girl out of the rubble: it was him the sacrifice of the older sister, who wrapped his arms around her to protect her from being crushed.

She died while the other survived and was rescued by rescuers. The story was shared on Twitter by White Helmets, a humanitarian disaster relief organization active in north-eastern Syria, who also released a video immortalizing the touching moment. “His little sister sacrificed herself… Incredible moments to rescue a little girl who was lying on her sister’s lap,” read the post, written by rescuers.

1676328383 690 Syria a child saved thanks to the sacrifice of her

Two brothers aged 8 and 15 rescued after 181 hours

Meanwhile, the Turkish and Syrian authorities are updating the death toll, which has now passed the 40,000 mark. The rescue operations continue and day by day survivors are being brought out who miraculously survived a week under the rubble. Today, for example, two brothers aged 8 and 15 were rescued in the Turkish city of Antioch: 181 hours after the earthquake, rescue teams managed to pull Harun and Eyüphan Serifoglu out of the rubble. Anadolu brings it back. “When we saw her, we forgot the world, we forgot everything. We’re happy,” the uncle said, but added, “We just buried her mother. Her father is in the rubble.”

Solidarity race for the earthquake in Syria and Turkey, the Islamic community: “Immeasurable generosity”

UN: “The rescue phase is coming to an end”

However, the aid phase is now coming to an end, as UN aid chief Martin Griffiths said during a visit to the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. CNN reports it. “What we have seen in the areas affected by the earthquake is that the rescue phase, which is pulling the living out of the rubble and finding the dead, is coming to an end. And now the humanitarian phase begins: providing shelter, psychosocial support, food, a sense of the future are our commitments,” Griffiths noted. “In Aleppo, I heard chilling stories,” he added.