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Syria Approves Earthquake Consequences Action Plan

Damascus, February 26 (Prensa Latina) The Syrian Council of Ministers today approved a short-, medium- and long-term national action plan to counter the effects of the earthquakes that rocked this nation on February 6.

Prime Minister Hussein Arnous explained that the plan covers the different sectors – family, housing, social and services – and clarified that the government is examining all options to compensate those affected.

The CEO made it clear that coordination with all national partners from business, civil associations, trade unions, associations and the local community is necessary for implementation.

He revealed that the damage caused by the earthquakes is very large and affects several sectors, which requires an examination of all the proposals presented in order to arrive at the most appropriate formulas to help deal with the impact of this disaster, of which thousands affected by families.

According to a cabinet press release, in addition to completing data collection, the plan includes supporting livelihoods and basic services in the affected areas and providing shelter for the displaced.

It also provides for ensuring that aid reaches those who deserve it, assessing the current situation of dams, rehabilitating schools, hospitals, water and sewage networks, electricity and communications, and promptly repairing damage to roads, retaining walls and vital centers repair.

He also believes that priority should be given to national public works companies in carrying out rehabilitation projects of damaged infrastructure and works in the construction of housing complexes and emergency shelters.

The earthquakes that devastated the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia and Hama left thousands dead and injured and widespread damage to homes and public infrastructure.