Taiwan tests of US China dialogue In the spring the

Taiwan, tests of US China dialogue. In the spring, the phone call between Biden and Xi and the meeting of the navies

Bangkok, January 27, 2024 – Tests by Dialogue between China and the United States. From the recent meeting between the National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivanand the Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China, Wang Yiare important promises such as keeping lines of communication open in order to responsibly manage the tensions between the two superpowers, which compete in many areas Therefore, avoid “conflict rashes”. The date between Washington and Beijing are in springwhen the phone call between the presidents is planned (but there is no exact date yet, editor's note). Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, that “they will be kept.” regular contacts and Providing Strategic Guidance for Bilateral Relations,” as well as a meeting between the navies of the two countries and other strategic discussions.

During the meeting in Bangkok, Beijing's top diplomat reiterated the non-negotiable Chinese position: Taiwan is part of China. Wang Yi pointed out to Sullivan that “the greatest risk to peace and stability is in the Taiwan Strait.” Taiwanese independence, and the biggest challenge to China-US relations is also the independence of Taiwan.”

Apart from Beijing's fixed points, the White House defined the discussions of the last few days in Bangkok in a note “sincere, substantial and constructive”. Sullivan and Wang Yi addressed global and regional issues, such as “those related to Russia’s war on Ukraine, the Middle East, North Korea, the South China Sea and Burma.” But there was also talk about the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence and the fight against drug trafficking.

Sullivan asked specifically Chinese intervention to stop the Houthi threat for cargo transiting the Red Sea. China should use its influence over Iran to block attacks by Yemeni rebels. According to White House sources, Wang Yi assured that Beijing has already raised the issue with Tehran and Washington is therefore waiting to see whether and how effective Chinese pressure on the Ayatollahs' country is.

Many problems still need to be resolved, but the US and China promised to hold out in Bangkok Open channels to prevent the worst. Also important is the point at which both sides “recognize recent progress in resuming military communications and emphasize the importance of maintaining this channel” to prevent the worst.

Despite everything, China is exerting constant military pressure on Taipei. Taiwan's Ministry of Defense has actually reported discovering it 33 military aircraft and six Chinese warships around the island in the last 24 hours. And as in previous groups, at least 13 aircraft crossed “the median line of the Taiwan Strait,” the unofficial demarcation line between China and Taiwan.

Below is video of a launch from Taiwan's new missile command center in Yunlin, which will allow us to monitor the country's missile defense capability.