Take a deep breath before you see what Megan

Take a deep breath before you see what Megan Fox looked like when she was 18 and starring in Two and a Half Men

Megan Fox became very famous for her role in the “Transformers” saga. Because of the character and her beauty, she was voted one of the great revelations of cinema and more than one fell in love with her. However, before he was a superstar, he had some little-known roles.

In “Two and a Half Men” he was one of the first appearances on the screen. It’s obvious that when she played a small role in this great American series, she wasn’t the sexy bombshell that can be seen in “Transformers” as her physical appearance was completely different from what she looks like today and she looked much more girly.

Megan Fox Source: Instagram @meganfox_italy

Megan Fox’s Participation in “Two and a Half Men”

The actress Megan Fox She made her appearance in the comedy in 2004. In the great series that had Charlie Sheen as the main character, the actress played the granddaughter of the character Bertha played by Conchatta Ferrek, Charlie Harper’s housekeeper, a role that Sheen played and caused were until it left the small screen.

Precisely Fox appeared in these 2004 episodes as Prudence, Bertha’s beautiful granddaughter who takes her to work at Charlie’s Malibu home and attracts men with her beauty. Although she wasn’t the goddess featured in the great Spielberg film, the appearance in “Two and a Half Men” This is not hidden from the fans.

As can be seen in the photo, the actress Megan Fox She started on the small screen and has since shown her great talent and perfect beauty, but the truth is that her physical appearance is completely different from what the superstar looks like today. Either way, everyone falls in love with her incredible face, emphasizing her incomparable look.


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