1674696579 Tanks in Kyiv Biden Its not an offensive against Moscow

Tanks in Kyiv, Biden: “It’s not an offensive against Moscow”

there Germany he gives his own green light leopard 2the Use to make the dispatch of their M1 Abrams official. so theUkraine you will receive in the coming months over 100 tanks. As expected, indeed, the American President yeah biden delivery announced 31 Abrams M1 tanks, valued at $400 million. It was the condition demanded by Berlin and the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to in turn authorize the sending of the leopard 2 from Germany itself and its European allies, from Poland to Spain, who are discussing the transfer 80 tanks. “The Abrams are them most powerful in the world‘ Biden said, but added that in his opinion ‘there isn’t no danger In the Russia in all of this”.

“Let’s help Ukraine to defend itself, ours it’s not an insult against Moscow,” argued the American President, who wanted to during his speech to thank in addition Italy – along with other countries – specifically for “Shipping from artillery“ to Ukraine. So, through Biden’s words, Italians are learning at least part of the content of the Sixth Package from weapons which Rome will deliver to Kyiv. On Tuesday, the chamber finally approved – only against the M5 and the Green-Left – the Ukrainian decree authorizing the government to proceed with the military support in 2023. There was only in 2022 five arms shipments and in the afternoon the Secretary of Defense Guido Crosetto illustrated for copassir the content of the sixth package, the first adopted by the Government Presidency Giorgia Meloni. I should be there Samp-T surface-to-air missilesfrom Italian-French production, but on which military vehicles are sent to Kyiv, the Meloni government – based on the Draghi line – continues secret.

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The phone call between the guides – The US announcement follows a series of consultations “at all levels” with European defense leaders and officials, a senior Biden administration official has said. In fact, shortly before his speech in the White House, the US President had a “long conversation” with the German Chancellor. Olaf scholzthe french president, Emmanuel macronthe british prime minister, Rishis sunak and the President of the Council Giorgia Meloni. “We stand united behind Ukraine,” said Biden, explaining that he had spoken “several times” to Chancellor Scholz in particular. “Germany didn’t force me to do it change your thinking‘ Biden then wanted to underline, answering those who asked him why he had now decided to send tanks to Ukraine.

Zelensky’s reaction – The President of Ukraine celebrated the officialization of Western supplies on Twitter: “Thank you to US President Joe Biden for a new powerful decision on supplies abrams to Ukraine. Thank you to the US people for supporting the leadership! It’s an important step towards victory,” he wrote on Twitter. But the euphoria didn’t last long. In fact, it was Zelensky himself who “updated” Kiev’s demands during the now-customary evening speech, as Ukrinform reported: “Today I spoke to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. We need to open the supply of long-range missiles to Ukraine, this is important: we also need to expand our cooperation in artillery” and enable “supply of aircraft to Ukraine”, said the Ukrainian President.

Tanks to Ukraine, Putin:

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It “takes months” for delivery – “The Abrams are the tanks most powerful in the world‘ Biden claimed when announcing the deployment of 31 tanks. For Washington, however, it is an “obligation long term”: The 31 tanks that the United States will send to Ukraine will come “specially Products‘ and will not be removed from the Pentagon’s arsenal, a senior administration official said in a confidential briefing. So it’s gonna take time”Months” for the actual delivery of the tanks. Also the German Defense Minister Boris Pistoriusstressed, however, that Leopard 2 tanks could be delivered to Ukraine from Germany about three months. Training of the Kiev Armed Forces on Abrams tanks “will begin soon‘ Biden assured, but specified that the Abrams are very complex tanks and ‘it will take time weather“. The supply of the Abrams corresponds to a “battalion‘ said the US President at the White House, while the Secretary of Defense was present behind him Lloyd Austin and the secretary of state Anton Blinken. The US, he added, will also supply parts to Kyiv substitute and the necessary equipment for tank management.

Thanksgiving in Rome – L’Italy offers”artillery“ to Ukraine, the US President also stated, listing i Alliance countries who are contribute to defend Kyiv with air defense systems, artillery and armored vehicles, citing Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Holland, Slovakia, Canada, Norway, Poland and Sweden, among others. Biden cited Italy for sending “artillery” to Ukraine among countries he was thanked for “continuous intensification.” commitment“.

The accusation against Putin: “He’s wrong” – The tanks, Biden continued, will allow Kyiv to “enter for“own territory and within reach”Gates strategically‘ and strengthens its ‘long-term’ capabilities. If the Russia withdraw his troops, the war could end “today”, Biden continued. Vladimir Putinthe US President said again, “he was wrong” at the start of the war and “keep it up to be wrong” today. “Russia expected us to be there divided‘ and instead ‘we are complete, complete and complete united‘ he explained. “We remain united and resolute as always in ours Believe and in ours cause‘ Biden concluded.