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Tap water, never drink it in these places: you will get sick | Very high risk RomaIT

Tap water, be careful here when drinking it. Never do this in these places or you will get very sick.

In many Italian families thanks to the great Crisis, both economic and social, which are still very strong in our country, and the most urgent Price rises All sectors are affected by this, including the food sector, which prefers to save rather than buy waterfall in the bottle, but to drink that of the domestic rooster.

Still others do it just for a question of ethics. In fact, they don't tolerate dealing with it lots of plastic bottlesin broad recognition of the fact that this material, which is now available everywhere, is certainly not the best, and not just for our health but also from that ofEnvironmentbut they go hand in hand.

Certainly, the glass It is much healthier, but in many cases it is definitely preferable to take some empty bottleswhich we can buy in the supermarket or in the Specialty stores in household goods, which are very popular today and of which there are many Appliedand fill them with water, either from home or water that we can collect from the famous Water points which many municipalities make available to their residents.

Tap water, never drink it in these cities or you will get sick

It is advisable here, for the benefit of everyone Don't overdo the crowd and respect everyone. In addition, there is often a tempting opportunity to do so even take it sparkling. The fact is that its quality is essentially the same as that of our home, with the difference that we do not let it flow into our home, It does not affect the water consumption on your bill.

And for this reason, we often notice that people from other parts of the city or from another country behave smartly and cautiously a mega stock, filling bottles galore, if not actual demijohns. However, they should definitely avoid this, not only for ethical reasons as mentioned above, but also because in some cities Tap water wouldn't be the best for our health.

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The truth

Actually There are no more or less safe cities ever in our country. What is crucial is that the'Aqueduct Where the water comes from, it is always well controlled and clean. Then there must be the pipes of our house in good shape. If this is not the case, we must definitely take action by installing them in the taps as well specific filters. However, if you are in Turkey, India, Morocco and Mexico, it is better to drink it in a bottle as it could be contaminated.

Many people found that out The water in your house is too heavy. In reality it seems that this is not the case and that this can only be the result of it a mere suggestion. However, a nice check regarding that Presence of limestone it should be done because he could be the cause of it bad feeling.

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