Tax increases that outpace inflation

Tax increases that outpace inflation

Data compiled by the team at investigation office Several hundred municipalities show that many Quebec towns and villages have no hesitation in imposing tax increases that outpace inflation. The newspaper met with citizens and mayors of these cities who expressed their point of view.

In these times of high inflationary pressures, don’t rely too much on your community tax relief. Even in several cities, elected officials do not hesitate to push through higher-than-inflation tax increases.

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This is shown by the data compiled by Le Journal from around 1,100 municipalities in the province.

The portrait is clear: while a majority succeeds in thwarting market forces, others demand tax increases from their fellow citizens that are well in excess of inflation.


“It makes no sense […]. With everything that has happened to the economy, we are miserable. They could have been more forgiving,” laments La Prairie’s Natalie Bouchard, who just saw her account skyrocket by nearly 10%. It’s money that can’t go into groceries. »

With a 9.98% increase in mid-value single-family homeowners, La Prairie isn’t among the worst examples.

Still, the imposed increase still surpasses the record 6.7% inflation the province experienced in 2022 by nearly 50%.


Such cases exist in all regions. And with increases in average accounts sometimes exceeding 10%, 15% and even 20% compared to the previous year.

This is the case with Mirabel, for example. The average residential tax burden there will increase by 11.46% this year.

On the south coast of Montreal, Otterburn Park residents will see an increase of the same magnitude, ie 11.50%, a 71.6% increase, which is higher than inflation.

But there are worse things. For example, in Estrie, Stanstead imposes a 15.80% tax increase and in Potton there is a 27.82% jump.

The biggest increase this year is in Bas-Saint-Laurent, in Saint-Pierre-deLamy, with an increase of 29.2%, almost four times the inflation in 2022.

Should Quebec step in to prevent cities from raising citizens’ property taxes via inflation?

Interviewed local affairs minister Andrée Laforest is cautious as she awaits the conclusions of a local tax review committee.


However, she is puzzled by the tendency of some cities to impose large tax increases after long freezing them.

“Honestly, 24% increases, as a minister and even as a citizen, I really think that’s too much,” she said. Are there other services […] Who is asking for such increases? »

“Citizens can ask questions,” she continues. They are the best [pour le faire]. Because elected officials are accountable and must provide answers to citizens. »

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